Consider This a Warning

It seems that all the cool people these days who undertake a period of travel feel the need to broadcast to the world all that they experience along the way. Being an individual with little to no ability to think for himself and a fervour for the mob mentality, I have decided that my journey too needs to be immortalised as a blog for all the world to gape at in awe and wonder.

As such, over the next 6 months you can expect in-depth accounts of all aspects of my journey. You will be inundated with expert analysis of my morning meals and a quote from absolutely every individual that I meet along the way. I shall ruthlessly review all forms of public transport that I must use and will painstakingly compare these to the facilities in my country of origin. Those of you who will be interested in the daily state of my laundry fear not! You will be receiving daily updates on the state of my sock collection and the colour of my initially blinding white walking shoes.

Okay, I lied. The shoes are black.

I will be armed with my trusty camera so you can expect a flood of photographs every time you access this site. I will photograph absolutely everything from the seat of the bus I am about to ride on, to the breathtaking scenery that I am sure to encounter. From time to time these photographs will be accompanied by snazzy catch-phrases along the lines of: “Sultry Sydney Sunset” or “Barely Broad Enough Bus Seat”. I will then expect you to use these artistic quality images as profile pictures and avatars across the litany of social networks that you belong to.

I depart on Friday evening so there is still time to prepare yourself. If you wish to be privy to what will surely be the travel blog of the century then I suggest you click on every “follow” button you can see on your screen. You will also be doing the world’s population a disservice if you do not share each and every post across all news feeds, walls and twitter accounts that you possess.

All jokes aside, this blog is a way for those of you who are interested to keep track of where I am and what I’m getting up to. I promise that there will be no photographs of breakfast and I will only ask the most interesting people who I meet to provide insightful quotes. What you can expect is some (hopefully) entertaining writing, some wonderful photographs of the incredible places I am visiting and simply another way to keep in touch while I am away. I will always make every effort to respond to comments so feel free to complain about the route I have chosen or the people I have chosen to accompany. Some friendly advice might also be appreciated.

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