Hostel Review: Nomads Fat Camel – Auckland

In a word: shit.

Yes, The Fat Camel is such a disastrous establishment that it has driven me to profanity. The noble dromedary after which this hostel was named would be most unimpressed. If I were him, I would be making every effort to get the name changed to some other, more suitable, member of the animal kingdom; Nasty Rat or Putrid Piranha.

There are a number of reasons for my seemingly strong reaction to my poor stay in Auckland. For a start, space must have been at a premium because 8 beds have been squeezed into a room small enough to make a badger claustrophobic. Add to that the fact that for an ‘apartment’ of roughly 35 people there are 3 showers and 3 toilets; often adorned with accessories from the romantic activities of the randier guests.


The icing on the cake is the noise from the bars below. The bar directly below the hostel seems to serve its last drink at about 5am, and ensures that its music can be heard by all until such time. When the doors finally close and the music disappears, the construction workers are kind enough to take up the mantle, ensuring that it is absolutely impossible to get more than a few hours of sleep.

There are obviously going to be times during my trip that I am going to encounter uncomfortable situations, people and lodging; this is an inevitable part of travel. My only hope is that those of you reading this learn from my experience. I would not wish a stay at Nomads Fat Camel upon my worst enemy.

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