I Promise I’m Still Alive

Right, first things first I should apologise for keeping you all in the dark for so long. The truth is (and you will be glad to hear this) that I have been having far too much fun to take the time to sit down and write lengthy updates on what I have been up to. I realise that this is not ideal for those of you who are interested in how I am entertaining myself, whether or not I am eating properly and what interesting characters I have met along the way. However, I am sure you will understand.

Since I have not provided a single update in almost a month now (meaning that you know absolutely nothing about my time in New Zealand yet), there is obviously a lot for me to write. I have decided to adopt a strategic approach to tackle the monumental task ahead. I will be writing several posts focusing on small, manageable chunks of my journey around New Zealand. This will make it both easier for me to write and far less boring for you to read.

The first post, about the northernmost section of the country should be
published shortly. To keep you motivated, here is a picture of me dressed as an elf.

My audition for the role of Legolas

4 thoughts on “I Promise I’m Still Alive

  1. “To keep you motivated, here is a picture of me dressed as an elf” haha Hero.

    When are you back in Auckland?

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