The World’s Best Travel Blogger

Well, I think at this time it is fair to say that I am not the world’s best (or at least most up to date) travel blogger. My intention was simple: to keep you all up-to-date with my journey around the world. But, I have barely managed to scrape the surface. From all I have written on this blog you would be forgiven for thinking that I am still stuck on the northern tip of New Zealand, apparently wallowing away my time doing nothing at all; when in fact, I have completed an entire circuit of New Zealand and am now one week into my time in Sydney.

The fact is, there is far too much for me to catch up on. I am going to have to wave the white flag. Throw in the towel. Withdraw from the event. This is not an entirely bad thing. Rather than giving you a day-by-day account of all that I have been doing (let’s face it, that doesn’t exactly make for riveting reading), I am going to pick and choose the highlights of the trip and attempt to convey how incredible they were. Rather than hearing about the toast that I had for breakfast in Christchurch, you will hear about the daring traverse that I made over an active volcano! Instead of me telling you about the rather mundane conversation that I had with a Peruvian fellow in Queenstown, I will share with you the story of my epic adventures on the glaciers of the Southern Alps!

In place of the journalistic approach that I was initially attempting to take with this blog, you will find a highlights package of my travels akin to the recap of an especially engaging game of rugby or the, possibly more dramatic, highlights of the previous week’s Masterchef episode!

To keep you motivated once more, here is a picture of me and some trolls.


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