Collaboration of the Week – Trevolta

I want you to imagine something. Imagine you have been dreaming, for a very long time, of travelling to Peru and making the climb up to the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. You can almost smell the crisp South American mountain air and hear the birds singing in the trees. Then you wake up.

For most people, the chance to visit an exotic destination will always be nothing more than a dream, the cost puts it beyond reach. Or at least it used to. Now, with the rise of collaboration, people are working together to send each other on trips of a lifetime. Trevolta is a fantastic service that takes the concept of crowdfunding (as seen on services such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo) and is applying it to travel.


Trevolta’s concept is nice and simple. If you have a trip you have been longing to take you sign up on their website. You tell everyone where you want to go, why you want to go there, and how much money you are asking for to make it happen. Then, you wait and hope that the passion you have for your journey inspires all of the generous people out there to make a contribution to send you on your merry way.

Now, I was once told that nothing in life is free, and this is no different. As with all crowdfunding platforms, investors make their contribution with the understanding that they are going to get something in return. The common theme of trips that find funding on Trevolta is that they all have a purpose. Let’s be honest, do you really expect people to pay for you to go a spend a week soaking up the sun on a beach in the Maldives? Neither do Trevolta. Successful journeys have got something unique about them that makes it worth investing in. Whether it’s travelling using an alternative form of transport, such as getting from Paris to Istanbul by bicycle, or roaming around Africa seeking to find the answers to one particular question: “What made you smile today?”.


Travelling is an incredible experience and Trevolta is making it possible for people to go where they have only ever dreamed. Maybe you have always wanted to take a take a trip; perhaps to photograph the noble gemsbok in the deserts of Namibia, or to travel the length of the Great Wall of China on a unicyle.If you have, then why not put your plan on Trevolta and see what happens? On the other hand, maybe you can help others to fulfil their dreams, by contributing to a journey that inspires you. This is just another way that working together we can make life better.



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