I realise that, by posting my review of my accommodation before this piece about Melbourne, I have screwed up the chronology of my trip. The reason is simple, I felt so strongly about my experience at the Fat Camel that I simply could not wait. So, as promised, here is a brief piece about my time in Melbourne, which you will be happy to know was fantastic.

For starters, my accommodation at Habitat HQ in St Kilda was exemplary. I could not have chosen a better first hostel experience. My 10 bed dorm had enough room between the bed for a hippopotamus wrestling competition. The kitchen was very well maintained and had superb appliances. And the location was ideal: a short walk to the beach and a short tram ride into the city.

Melbourne itself was a great place to visit. Admittedly, all cities more or less resemble one another, and Melbourne is no different. However, there were enough interesting sites, beautiful parks and activities to keep me entertained for my weeks stay.

Melbourne skyline as seen from Albert Park

I managed to fit in a walk around Albert Park (which was a hive of activity as the city sets up for the forthcoming Australian Grand Prix), a visit to the botanical garden and a tour around the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In between all of that I wandered the streets, spent hours in art galleries and lounged on the beach.

By the time my week was up I was ready to go. I felt that I had seen all that I wanted to see and was ready to head over to New Zealand, the primary location for my journey.

As I write this, I am sitting on the beach in the Bay of Islands north of Auckland. The weather is gorgeous, the view is unbelievable and the company is great. There is much to look forward to as I begin my 3 month adventure around New Zealand and I look forward to sharing it with you add I go along. Cheers for now…


I have been away from home now for almost two weeks. My time in Perth has come and gone, my week in Melbourne is drawing to a close and I am preparing myself for the next stage of the journey: New Zealand.

To be honest I probably should have updated you all as soon as I left Perth, while the experience was fresh in my mind. But, I was simply too busy recovering from heat that would have scalded a dragon. There was a point, while crawling along the paths of the botanic garden searching for an oasis, that I was convinced I would be more comfortable in the Sahara Desert.

Mercurial temperatures aside, my short visit to Perth could not have gone any better. The generosity of family and friends ensured that I had the best possible time. I was even treated to an hour-long back and neck massage to ease the pains of travel!

In my three days I managed to squeeze in a day in Fremantle, a walk through King’s Park and the Botanic Garden and some quality time with my aunt and uncle whom I hadn’t seen in over 13 years. All too soon, however, my time was up and it was time to say my goodbyes, with promises to return sooner than 13 years from now!

I was going to talk about Melbourne in this post, but it would probably become a bit lengthy. It is probably fitting that a new city deserves a new post so I will grant it that. Who knows, I may even treat you to a photo of my first hostel breakfast…?!